Sanctuary Tourist Bureau: About Our Town

State: West (by gosh!) Virginia

Location within state: southeast corner in the majestic Appalachian Mountains

Population: 3,500 souls, give or take

Year founded: 1824 or thereabouts

Historic events: Robert E. Lee’s horse was born in Sanctuary.

Natural features: Chief Chippaway, the Disappearing Indian—a natural limestone rock formation that once resembled a noble Indian chief but which has eroded over the years into something else that no one can quite figure out. Favorite location for teenagers to drink beer and make out on Saturday night.

Business establishments:

Healing Springs Stables—owned and operated by Sharon Sydenstricker.  Where folks go to find their whisper horse.

The Gallery at Sanctuary—Fine art and artifacts. Owner: Davis Honaker. Claire Parker exhibits her famous painting by Julia Castillo here.

Sanctuary Veterinary Hospital—Dr. Tim Arbuckle, D.V.M., Ph.D. and a lot of other initials.  He’s one smart veterinarian.

Famous (or infamous) residents:

Sharon Sydenstricker—Olympic gold medalist in equestrian events.

Cultural centers:

Sanctuary Library

Union Hall—concerts, dancing, and whatever else the citizens of Sanctuary might like to watch.

Fairs and festivals:

West Virginia State Fair—It’s your fair, be there!

Tourist attractions:

DinosaurCave—all right, the bones they found there belonged to a mastodon, not a brontosaurus but it’s close enough.

Recreational activities:

Foosball at The Sportsman

Horseback riding at Healing Springs Stables


Tammy’s Place—breakfast and lunch.  Home of the award-winning peach-and-pecan ice cream.

The Aerie—for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Reservations required (about a year in advance!)  Executive chef: Adam Bosch.

Stories set here:

Take Me Home, available now!

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Country Roads, available now

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The Place I Belong, coming May 2014


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