TAKE ME HOME is on sale for Kindle TODAY ONLY!

Yeehaw!  Amazon has reduced the price of TAKE ME HOME to $1.99 for the Kindle just for today, January 19th.  If you’re interested in a great price for my book, click on over here:  http://amzn.to/S3YSIG.

TMH cover high res

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Happy New Year from Sanctuary!

The gossip mill is churning about who’s taking whom to the New Year’s Eve Square Dance and Ball.  Rumor has it Officer Robbie McGraw has invited Holly Snedegar to come as his date.  No one’s surprised since his police cruiser is often seen outside Holly’s house.  Robbie says he’s just checking in on Holly and her little ones after their trauma with Holly’s ex-husband Frank, but the town gossip says it’s something more.  Holly had a crush on Robbie back in high school, but she’s been through a lot so she’s not ready for a new relationship yet.  However, a do-si-do or two wouldn’t be too much of a commitment.


Speculation that the town’s most eligible bachelor Paul Taggart was staying home after having his heart broken when Claire Parker married Tim Arbuckle is untrue, according to his legal secretary Verna Hinkle.  She says Paul has already asked her to save a Virginia reel for him since he’s going stag as always.  Many hearts will flutter when the handsome lawyer steps onto the dance floor now that there’s hope for the other ladies again.

Will we see Sharon Sydenstricker on the dance floor or will she spend another New Year’s Eve with her horses, claiming she has two left feet?

And everyone wants to find out what the new Mrs. Arbuckle will wear since she’s got some fancy fashion notions from her time in New York City.  Will she come as an urban cowgirl or a down-home country gal?

No matter who’s there and who dances with whom, a good time will be had by all, since as Martha Graham said, “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.”   We all know there’s lots of passion in Sanctuary!

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New Year’s Eve in Sanctuary means square dancing!

The ladies of Sanctuary are getting out their petticoats and dancing dresses for the annual New Year’s Eve Square Dance and Ball.  Everyone turns out to welcome the new year by kicking up their heels, and partaking of apple cider (both hard and soft) and homebaked goodies.

As you can imagine, there’s much discussion of what to wear (and afterward, of who wore what).  Here are just a few of the possibilities:

Add a touch of elegance with a velvet vest.

Add a touch of elegance with a velvet vest.

A puffy green petticoat adds flash to the twirls.

A puffy green petticoat adds flash to the twirls.

Claire might wear this one.

Claire might wear this one.

Many ladies like to make their own.

Many ladies like to make their own.

The gents have it easier: a new pair of jeans and a clean flannel shirt will do for them.  Although many fellows accessorize with fancy bolo ties, leather vests, and belt buckles, as well as snappy cowboy boots.

The best things happen while you’re dancing…

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Hey, do you want a bookmark?

I know many folks are reading Take Me Home on their Kindle, but I do have a rather pretty (even if I do say so myself!) bookmark for those who like print as well.  As a holiday gift, I will send the first 25 people who request it not one, but two, bookmarks: one for Take Me Home and one for my older books.  You don’t have to do a thing except enter my contest here and put “bookmark” (or something similar) in the comments field.  Make sure your snail mail address is there too! (My apologies but I must limit this to U.S. and Canadian addresses only.)

Here’s what the Take Me Home bookmark looks like (front and back):


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Crisis Averted!


By Reba Rae Higginbotham, Reporter-at-Large

The Tree Lighting, Carol Sing and Hot Chocolate Slurp will take place on Sunday as scheduled, thanks to some good networking by Mayor Rodney Loudermilk.  Mayor Loudermilk contacted former Mayor Paul Taggart who contacted Claire Parker Arbuckle of the Gallery at Sanctuary.  Luckily for Sanctuary and Santa Claus, Ms. Arbuckle knows an artist who owns his own bucket truck that he uses to paint murals on the sides of buildings.  Painter Len Boggs has donated the use of his cherry picker to the Department of Public Works so they can string the lights on the tree.  Mr. Boggs has even volunteered to assist.  If this isn’t a good reason to support the arts, I don’t know what is.

Rumor has it that Santa Claus will be the tallest one on record this year, causing some problems with the traditional costume.  Evidently our Santa is really good at taking care of his reindeer when they get sick, so I think you can guess who I’m talking about.  Bring the kids for some ho-ho-hos from a high altitude.

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Christmas Crisis in Sanctuary, WV


By Reba Rae Higginbotham, Reporter-at-Large

The annual Tree Lighting, Carol Sing, and Hot Chocolate Slurp, scheduled for this Sunday, is in danger of being cancelled.  Putting the lights on the forty-three foot spruce tree in front of Town Hall needs a bucket truck.  Every single cherry picker within a five hundred mile radius of Sanctuary, WV, is up north, helping the folks hit by Hurricane Sandy put things back together again.  Not that we begrudge sending help to those in need, but the kids are sure going to miss seeing Santa Claus ride in on Sharon Sydenstricker’s horse drawn wagon.

Mayor Rodney Loudermilk has called an emergency get-together of the Town Council and promises to do everything in his power to avert the Christmas Crisis before Sunday.

Keep reading your daily Sanctuary Sentinel for updates.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Sanctuary and Adams Grove!

Like all of us, the folks in Sanctuary and Adams Grove eat too much and count their blessings on Thanksgiving Day.  They’re busy cooking, playing touch football, and napping so they just want to join us in wishing you a wonderful Turkey Day!

Nancy N. and I count our wonderful readers as one of our great blessings.  Thank you all for closing the circle by entering the world of our books!

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Celebrate Veteran’s Day in Sanctuary, WV!

In Sanctuary, we are grateful to the men and women who serve our country, so Veteran’s Day is a big celebration.  We never forget the sacrifices they made to protect and defend us and others all over the world.

Any celebration means a parade, of course!

Our Grand Marshal Paul Taggart leads the procession.  He was the mayor of Sanctuary for two terms, and everyone loves him.  (He’s also handsome, sexy, and single which explains part of the love.)  Sometimes the current mayor, Rodney Loudermilk, gets a little bent out of shape that Paul always gets chosen as Grand Marshal, but he’s too smart to complain.  After all, Rodney still gets to make the big speech before the cookout begins.

A parade needs…a marching band.

Old-timey cars.

Law enforcement.


And of course, the stars of the day: our veterans, riding on their own float.

The folks of Sanctuary add their own special touches.  Sharon Sydenstricker gets one of her grooms to dress up fancy and ride a Healing Springs Stables horse down Washington Street.  (Who picks up the manure is a whole other discussion.)  Of course, you never know if the horse Sharon sends to the parade might be someone’s whisper horse, like Claire’s in TAKE ME HOME.

The vet techs from Dr. Tim’s (the hero of TAKE ME HOME!) Sanctuary Veterinary Hospital show off the dogs up for adoption.  By the end of the day, every single one of them finds a home.

After the parade, folks gather at the West Virginia State Fairgrounds to hear Mayor Rodney’s speech.  He calls out the name of each man and woman who served and thanks them personally.  Right now, eleven veterans from all branches of service live in Sanctuary.  The oldest, Wayne Herndon, was a destroyer commander in World War II.  He has a medal for sinking a Japanese submarine.  The cheering and applause always goes on so long Rodney has to shush the crowd to announce the start of the cookout.  That’s saying something since by then folks are hungry for some good home-style cooking.

What’s your favorite part of a parade?  The band? The floats? The vehicles? The critters?  Let me know!

(You can spend more time in Sanctuary, WV, within the pages of TAKE ME HOME, the first in my Whisper Horse series.  It’s on sale now!)

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Adams Grove in the Top 100 Amazon Picks for November

Hey friends,
Thanks for sharing your precious time in the town of Adams Grove. Your support helped put SWEET TEA AND SECRETS on the Top 100 Amazon Books for November. For anyone who hasn’t read it yet, that means a special price, too. Kindle readers can download Sweet Tea and Secrets for just $1.99 all month long.

I hope you’ll help me spread the word so more folks can join us in Adams Grove.

Available now:
Sweet Tea and Secrets
Out of Focus
Coming this Spring:: Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes
Coming this Summer:: Cody Tuggle’s story – Title To Be Announced Here at a later date

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Do you want to know more about whisper horses?

Joyce Lamb from USAToday’s HEA blog did!  She asked me to post about how I came up with the whisper horse concept for my new series beginning with TAKE ME HOME.  You’ll even meet my original whisper pony Papoose.  Read it here: USAToday HEA blog.

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