Two Authors, Two Towns

Welcome to “Sister Towns”, a blog about small towns where your imagination wants to live.  How did this blog come about?  Well, by a set of remarkable circumstances.

First, we are both authors named Nancy.

Second, we are published by the same company.

Third, we share the same editor at that publisher.

Fourth, we write about life and love in small towns.

Fifth, our small towns are both located in states with the word “Virginia” in their names.

Coincidence? We think not.  We prefer to believe that Fate brought us together.  In fact, we met for lunch at BookExpo America and the idea for “Sister Towns” was born.  Let us introduce ourselves…

Nancy Naigle here. Adams Grove, Virginia, is located in southern Virginia where the tea is sweet and trouble is brewing. Although there’s a real Adams Grove, the town in these stories has been fictionalized to represent the best things about all the little towns I’ve had the honor to visit.

I hope you’ll accept my invitation to visit the town of Adams Grove in these book and hope you’ll grow to care about the residents as much as I do.

Learn more about Nancy Naigle at and be the first to get updates by joining her facebook page or subscribing to her newsletter.

Hi, y’all!  I’m the other Nancy… Nancy Herkness.  I grew up in the mountains of West—by gosh!—Virginia, riding my pony around town the way other kids rode their bicycles.  Although I live inNew Jersey now (what can I say? I married a New Yorker), my roots are in “Almost Heaven.”  They always say to write what you know, so I decided to set my small town series in the fictional hamlet of Sanctuary,West Virginia, which bears a strong resemblance to my real hometown of Lewisburg.  My pony Papoose was my constant companion in my younger years.  He became the model for the “whisper horse” in my books, since I told him all my troubles and he helped me carry their burden.   It has been a joy to explore all the wonderful memories of my childhood, and to incorporate them into my writing.

Come on over to for a visit.


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