Crisis Averted!


By Reba Rae Higginbotham, Reporter-at-Large

The Tree Lighting, Carol Sing and Hot Chocolate Slurp will take place on Sunday as scheduled, thanks to some good networking by Mayor Rodney Loudermilk.  Mayor Loudermilk contacted former Mayor Paul Taggart who contacted Claire Parker Arbuckle of the Gallery at Sanctuary.  Luckily for Sanctuary and Santa Claus, Ms. Arbuckle knows an artist who owns his own bucket truck that he uses to paint murals on the sides of buildings.  Painter Len Boggs has donated the use of his cherry picker to the Department of Public Works so they can string the lights on the tree.  Mr. Boggs has even volunteered to assist.  If this isn’t a good reason to support the arts, I don’t know what is.

Rumor has it that Santa Claus will be the tallest one on record this year, causing some problems with the traditional costume.  Evidently our Santa is really good at taking care of his reindeer when they get sick, so I think you can guess who I’m talking about.  Bring the kids for some ho-ho-hos from a high altitude.


About Nancy Herkness

Romance novelist. West Virginia native and New Jersey resident.
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