Yeehaw! TAKE ME HOME is available today!

I’m doing a happy jig here, knowing that as I write this post, TAKE ME HOME is being downloaded to Kindles and packed in boxes to ship all over the world.  It’s fabulous to think that soon you all will be reading my story of love and healing in the mountains of West Virginia.

If you’d like to find out more about TAKE ME HOME, here’s a link to my website where you can read an excerpt and find places to buy it:


Remember, I will donate a percentage of my first week’s royalties for TAKE ME HOME to the American Red Cross to help the folks who were wiped out by Hurricane Sandy recover and rebuild.  Pre-orders count in that too!  When the chips are down, we are ALL sister towns!


About Nancy Herkness

Romance novelist. West Virginia native and New Jersey resident.
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One Response to Yeehaw! TAKE ME HOME is available today!

  1. Vivian Sterste Brandler says:

    I need to buy both….paper and Kindle!!!!! Kindle now cuz I can’t wait to read it….paper because I want others to pick it up from my living room table!….I never kindled before this will be my FIRST K
    Kindling! Can I get the Kindle app on my Ipad? SOOO excited! Thanks Nancy!

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