WIN~WIN~WIN…your small town goodies here!

To celebrate the launch of SisterTowns, Nancy and Nancy (Nancy squared?) are each giving away a gift collection reflecting the flavor of our fictional towns, Adams Grove, VA, and Sanctuary, WV.

Go to this link and enter the contest on Nancy Herkness’s website.  In the comments space, write “SisterTowns” (or something similar—we’re not that picky) to be entered for both this special contest and Nancy’s regular contest.  If you prefer the goodies from Adams Grove or Sanctuary, feel free to note that also.  Two lucky winners will be drawn on 10/30.

Get extra entries by telling your friends to enter and have them mention your name in the comments!

From Sanctuary, West (by gosh!) Virginia, all made in the mountain state, Nancy Herkness brings you:

Local honey in a cute little bear;
Ramp BBQ sauce—West Virginia is famous for these powerful plants from the wild onion family;
Bourbon Caramel dessert sauce—pour it over anything sweet or just eat it straight from the spoon;
Handcrafted beeswax candle;
Handcrafted leather hair barrette;
Handcrafted wooden bookmark with the state’s outline;
Handcrafted wooden top for some fun with the kids;
“Off the Beaten Path: West Virginia”—a book of fun and unusual places to visit in my home state.

From the state with the motto: VIRGINIA IS FOR L♥VERS – Adams Grove is the lovely setting for Sweet Tea and Secrets – so here’s a fun little Sweet Tea and Secrets gift pack from Nancy Naigle that combines sweet, a tea cup candle, Harney & Sons tea,  and southern cooking all in one! Hugs and happy reading~

An avocado spatula like the one Aunt Milly uses, a red silicon heart shaped hotpad, sweet tea candy, a Noritake tea cup candle, Autographed KeeperKase cards for Out of Focus and Sweet Tea and Secrets and a hankie with the Virginia state bird ~ the cardinal ~ on it – all tucked into a READ. RELAX. REPEAT. Killer Nashville totebag.


About Nancy Herkness

Romance novelist. West Virginia native and New Jersey resident.
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One Response to WIN~WIN~WIN…your small town goodies here!

  1. Hey, ladies!

    What a fun idea. As Nancy N. knows, I’m a big fan of small towns in the south. You may have inspired me to look a little closer at a couple of the towns in my books!

    I look forward to more posts!

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