Sale: TAKE ME HOME is $1.99 on Kindle

TMH cover high resIt’s Christmas in Sanctuary! TAKE ME HOME has been reduced to $1.99 on Kindle until December 28th.  Yee-haw!  Treat yourself to an escape to the mountains.  Find out how a whisper horse might change your life.

Click here to buy it for your Kindle.

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West Virginia vs. Virginia: battle of the state symbols

My home state of West Virginia split off from Virginia in 1863, right in the middle of the Civil War. So we’re celebrating our 150th year of being a state; we even got our own stamp (see From the Garret).  I was kind of curious as to how we decided to forge an identity separate from our sister state, Virginia, and I figured state symbols were a good place to start.

So here’s how West Virginia and Virginia compare and contrast when it comes to picking birds, trees, flowers, and other odd things that symbolize our states:

State bird:
West Virginia – cardinal (in tribute to our former status as western Virginia, I guess)
Virginia – cardinal


State animal:
WV – black bear
VA – no animal, but the state dog is an American foxhound

State flower:
WV – rhododendron
VA – flowering dogwood


State insect:
WV – honeybee
VA – tiger swallowtail butterfly

State tree:
WV – sugar maple
VA – flowering dogwood (getting repetitious here!)


State fish:
WV – brook trout
VA – ditto

brook trout by JZ

Just for the record, West Virginia also has a state fruit (golden delicious apple), a state reptile (timber rattlesnake!), and a state butterfly (monarch).

Virginia outdoes us by having a state drink (milk), state bat (Virginia big-eared bat, appropriately enough), state boat (Chesapeake Bay deadrise), state fossil (Chesapecten jeffersonius), state shell (oyster) and state dance (square dance).

I think I have to go with West Virginia on having the best state animal, but I can’t argue with Virginia’s choice of a butterfly over a honeybee.  I think butterflies are pretty, although honeybees are quite useful.  I would prefer not to have a rattlesnake as my state reptile.  Apples are wonderful fruit and milk is a great drink; I just wonder why a state needs to pick such symbols.

If you were choosing a symbol for your own home/family, what would you choose?

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It’s party time in Sanctuary, WV! Join my book launch party!

Join my Country Roads Launch Party on Facebook!  I have prizes, special guests, trivia, and lots of fun.  To accept my invitation, just click on one—or both!—of the parties below:Final front cover CR

 Country Roads Afternoon Launch Party

Tuesday, September 17th from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m.

Country Roads Evening Launch Party

Tuesday, September 17th from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

I hope to see you on September 17th!

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Adams Grove — What’s brewing?

Hey y’all
You know Adams Grove. It’s where the tea is sweet, but trouble is brewing.

The whole month of July you can get the book that started it all, SWEET TEA AND SECRETS, for just $1.99. It’s perfect timing too, because the next Adams Grove novel comes out on July 9th. WEDDING CAKE AND BIG MISTAKES is available for pre-order and we’ll all find out if Pearl’s matchmaking streak will remain perfect as we join Carolanne and Connor for their story.

Hug and Happy Reading
Nancy (the N one)

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Half-price Sale on TAKE ME HOME!

Yeehaw!  Amazon is offering Take Me Home for half-price on Kindle and in print.

Book 2 of the Whisper Horse Novels

If you’d like to buy it on Kindle for $2.00, click here.

If you’d like a print copy for $6.48, click here.

Enjoy your reading and let me know what you think!

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Two Nancys at Book Expo America!

BEABoth us Nancys will be signing our books (free!) at the Romance Writers of America booth at Book Expo America (in New York City) this year!  Free books!!!  We will be there from 3:00 to 4:00 on Friday, May 31st.

If any of our reader friends will be there, please stop by and say hello.  And did I mention the free books?

This is like an anniversary for us because we first met at Book Expo last year when we had just signed with Montlake Romance.  That was when we decided to launch the Sister Towns blog.  And we’ve been good buddies ever since!

Nancy and Nancy at Montlake crop

That’s us at the Amazon Publishing booth.  Hope to see you in NY this year!

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My vision of Sanctuary, West Virginia…on Pinterest!

I’m a visual writer which means I picture the people, horses, and places in my books in technicolor in my mind.  Pinterest seemed the perfect place to show those images to my readers, so I took the plunge and started “pinning”.

Oh my goodness, what fun it is!

If you’d like to see how I imagine Sanctuary as I write, visit my boards on Pinterest:

There’s even a visual sneak preview of COUNTRY ROADS  which will be published in September.

country road

Enjoy the photo tour!

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Countdown to Valentine’s Day in Adams Grove

Are you marking off your calendar with X’s and O’s? Well, the folks in Adams Grove are … especially Ted Hardy. He owns Floral & Hardy, ya know. It’s one of the busiest times of the year and he thrives on the excitement and crazy pace of each holiday. He even makes a few up just because.

FLORAL & HARDY - Adams Grove, VA

FLORAL & HARDY – Adams Grove, VA

Here’s Ted in front of his shop with part-time helper, Brandy. They were just getting ready to add some lacy hearts and more twinkle lights to the window when we stopped by. Isn’t he just the most handsome cutie pie? Well, you should see what he can do with a flower arrangement and some ribbon.

You can read about one special Valentine in Adams Grove in this collection of Valentines Day short stories called BE MINE, VALENTINE: Look for FOREVER IN MY HEART (It was my very first published story.)

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Amazon put me on the map!

…the map of 50 Great American Love Stories where TAKE ME HOME is representing my home state of West Virginia.  Yeehaw and grab a jug of moonshine!



Seriously, I’m immensely honored and I love their graphic.  If you go to the actual website (by clicking on the link of 50 Great American Love Stories) you can click on a state and it will take you to the book.  I’m in some pretty high-level literary company on this map.


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Thanks for the support!

Yesterday TAKE ME HOME was among the Kindle Deals of the Day and it shot up into the Top 100 Kindle books.  Many thanks for supporting my book!

I love my readers!

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